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Animation of Numbers going from day to night

Animation of Numbers going from day to night

Gerard Alders, Managing Director, Find Me At Night

About Us

FIND ME AT NIGHT Limited (FMAN) was incorporated in New Zealand under the Companies Act on the 22nd February 2007.

FMAN identified a need to find an address, after dark when conventional house numbers became unreadable.

FMAN developed its range of solar powered led house lighting products on the principal of the basic solar garden light that is very popular in Australasia. Not requiring any additional wiring these solar powered units perform the best when the solar panel faces the full sunlight.

FMAN products are manufactured using high quality materials that will last and look stylish. House numbers are manufactured from either #304 grade stainless steel, or powder coated or anodized aluminium. Lenses are manufactured from tempered glass or ABS. The rechargeable batteries are either Ni-Cd or long lasting Ni-MH quality.

All FMAN solar house number units or solar mailboxes come with three sets of numbers 0-9 and ABC that allows it to be customized to suit specific requirements. Clear instructions are included with all products that allow easy installation.

FMAN offer a range of stylish models that will enhance your home and make it easier for your friends to FIND YOU AT NIGHT.

FMAN Products can ONLY be purchased online

FMAN products can be shipped worldwide.

Thank you for visiting our web site. I personally guarantee your satisfaction with the FMAN range of environmentally friendly solar powered products.

Please contact us should you require additional information or service on any of our products

Gerard F Aalders
Managing Director